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Kävijälaskuri alk. 7.11.2011

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Recordermusic 1 is made for making the learning of playing the recorder easier.

There are 83 new and nice pieces of music in the book and the styles vary from techno to tango.

Every song has an accompanying  background track so it is easy for a pupil to play with the music and the teacher is able to concentrate on advising his pupils in front of the class instead of sitting behind the piano.

Recordermusic 1 is delivered to the school on a high quality USB flash drive. The English version is not ready yet, so far there is a Finnish and a Swedish version that are played in over 770 schools in Finland. It is possible to buy these versions. If you want to have it, send an email to aki@aj-music.fi.

The license for the whole school costs only 65 euro plus delivery costs (around five euros) + VAT depending on the country.

After buying Recordermusic 1, the school may use the whole material free forever, print, photocopy and copy the content to all computers at the school.

Experience has shown that small children are not capable of playing from the notes very fluently. That’s why I have added an equivalent letter under each note. These letters greatly facilitate playing and lets the child concentrate on the correct fingering.

There are three versions of the songs: one with the letters, one without them and one with with chords. The material is in PDF-format. The background music also has two versions: one with the recorder and one without it, like a karaoke version that is usable in presentations and school events.

The background music is in Mp3-format, the quality of the sound is excellent 320 kbit/s.

You can see some sheet music and listen to some pieces of music by klicking "nuotti- ja musiikkinäytteet" and by clicking "Käyttövinkkejä" you can find hints how to use the material.